What insurances are there for shipments of purchases over the Internet?

Online shopping has expanded among Spanish consumers. Data such as that 85% of users will make their Christmas purchases through the network confirm this. The figure is extracted from the latest study Web loyalty, an online strategy development company, which indicates that both Spanish women and men are active in internet shopping with 83% and 82%, respectively.

For its part, the fashion portal Dawanda.es indicates that shoppers go to the Internet because it gives them “comfort and simplicity” by avoiding going to physical stores and department stores. He also explains that on the Internet they can find a greater offer of products, the possibility to make their purchases at any time and the opportunity to find great discounts and offers, in addition to acquiring items in other countries.

However, when placing an order online, some mistrust can arise. That the item arrives in poor condition, that it is different from the one that was ordered or that it never reaches its destination are several examples of the concerns that can arise when placing the order.

Safe buyers

Therefore, there are several online platforms that assure the buyer the shipment in good condition of the product they have ordered. For example, the lightinthebox.com platform allows the user to secure shipments and be able to know where they are until they reach their destination. When placing the order, the customer can choose to take out a shipping insurance for 1.99 dollars, which is responsible for covering any loss or damage during the shipment of the order.

The Chinese online shopping platform Aliexpress guarantees users that payment for the item to the seller is made only after receipt of the purchase is confirmed. In addition, they explain that if the item is not received within an estimated delivery time of 60 days maximum, the full cost of the product will be refunded. However, refunds are not available if the shipment does not arrive due to factors that are the responsibility of the buyer or exceptional circumstances beyond the buyer’s and seller’s control such as rejection at customs or natural disasters.

On the other hand, eBay does not have any insurance to take out. However, both the platform and PayPal offer users the coverages of the PayPal Buyer Protection program. This service covers you if you do not receive the order, if it has arrived broken or was not what was requested. Transactions that the platform deems eligible receive coverage that covers the total purchase price and original shipping costs.

However, before making the purchase you should check if an item can receive this coverage. This can be verified by finding the PayPal icon in the Meet the Seller section of the listing. On the other hand, if you purchase an item and pay for it through PayPal, the protection program will cover the total value of the item, including shipping and packing costs, in case of an incident.

What shipping insurance can sellers take out?

On the other hand, if you are on the other side and you are a seller on a platform or have an online store, there are policies to secure your shipments. For example, shipping companies such as Seur or TNT allow you to contract policies at All Risk to cover losses or breakdowns in national and international shipments. In addition, Correos uses several types of insurance for standard or all-risk parcel shipments that cover loss, theft in delivery, damaged merchandise or loss of content.

How can you claim the company?

If the product you send is lost or arrives in poor condition, you will have to go directly to the company with which you contracted the insurance. The company will probably ask for proof of the condition of the goods, so it can ask you for photographs of the product before shipment and after receiving it, as well as documents proving its price, such as an invoice.

How to buy insurance online?

When buying online it is convenient to make sure that the payment process is safe. The payment platform PayPal indicates that it is important for the online store to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a tool that is dedicated to encoding sensitive information. It is easily identifiable because in the secure purchase process it appears as an icon of a closed padlock at the bottom of the browser window.

Another point that highlights the platform, is to ensure the accreditation of the seller. For example, if you buy from portals like eBay, it’s important to check the feedback, feedback, and ratings of past buyers. It is also advisable to confirm that the online store has a refund and returns policy and make sure of some aspects such as the time limit for the return of an item.

On the other hand, PayPal places special emphasis on being careful with items of high demand or of a very high value. As he explains, products that are difficult to find or very expensive, such as computer science, jewelry or electronics, require special caution. It is important to “perform checks and double checks before making the purchase,” they say. In addition, it is essential to confirm the authenticity of the products.

PayPal states that the indicators that can raise the alarm of possible fraud in a shipment is the delay of the package, receive an unsolicited email from a seller with a product similar to the one that has been purchased or the typical bargains offered on the web.

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