The insurance most demanded by the actors

Some actors and actresses have very identifying traits such as the nose, mouth, eyes and even legs. Famous physical attributes that if damaged could cause them to lose large sums of money. For this reason, many celebrities decide to insure those parts of their body. For example, Jennifer Aniston, whose carpeted mane became very famous in the 90s thanks to her role as Rachel in the series Friends, decided to secure her hair for a whopping $1.5 million. For her part, Linda Evans, the actress of the series Dynasty, also decided to put a high price on her haircut: $ 500,000.

In addition, the actors travel back and forth depending on where the location of the filming is located, which sometimes occurs on several continents. But not only do they move frequently, but they also perform scenes in which they may be injured. For example, Sylvester Stallone endangered his life during the recording of Rocky IV. While filming the scene of a fight, the actor asked the other performer, Dolph Lundgren to have a legitimate fight to give it more realism. In it he suffered a blow that broke his sternum and left him in intensive care for several days.

Insurance to protect the body

Insurance to protect body parts is usually a very exclusive product offered by some famous insurers such as Lloyd’s, known for taking care of very complex risks.

Most insured parts

One of the most assured body parts by Hollywood actresses is the butt. Jennifer Lopez secured her buttocks for 4.5 million euros while Kylie Minogue covered them for 3.4 million. The chest is also one of the most insured “goods” among the famous. For example, Samantha Fox covered risks that could affect her for $500,000,while one of the most famous beach watchmen of all time, Pamela Anderson, secured for several million dollars.

And it is that you can assure of everything, even Angelina Jolie came to cover her lips, one of the most characteristic features of the American interpreter. While Liz Taylor secured her iconic violet eyes at a million dollars. The famous actor and choreographer Fred Astaire came to protect his legs for nothing more and nothing less than 300,000 dollars of the time and Bo Derek protected his entire body in the 80s for a million dollars.

Accident, invalidity and death insurance

Before starting a play, film or short film many actors and actresses decide to take out accident insurance for any unforeseen event that may cause damage,disability and even death. This type of policy ensures the death and permanent disability due to accidents of actresses and actors 24 hours a day, during their professional activity such as travel, accidents during rehearsals or in performances and recordings.

RC Insurance for Companies

On the other hand, there are also insurers that insure the civil liability of entire theater, musical or even dance companies. In this way, if an accident occurs in a performance or rehearsal that affects the public, the actors, workers or local, would be covered by the policy. Most of them cover the premises by explosion or fire.

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