Prices and coverages of 30 insurers in a comparator

To find the best price on the market in 3 minutes, try our car insurance comparator. We have developed a technology similar to that of online travel agencies, which allows us to present a comparison of prices and coverages of the main 30 insurers in the market, filling out a single form. Free, fast and without commitment. You fill out the form, compare prices and coverages and only if you find a car insurance that convinces you start the process to take out your policy.

Practically all the insurance companies in the market have been incorporated into our system, so you can compare from the companies specialized in offering cheap car insurance such as Linea Directa or Fenix Directo to the more traditional insurers such as Pelayo or Axa Seguros (on the right side you can see a complete list of the insurers we have analyzed). The key is that as a consumer you have full transparency about the car insurance on the market and you can quickly know which options you find most interesting.

In any case, it is important to keep in mind that the price is not everything when hiring a car insurance, since in many cases, the cheapest insurance options achieve the reduction of the price thanks to the reduction of the level of coverages of their policies. Therefore, we have developed in collaboration with a team of experts with a long history in the market, a policy valuation system, which clearly and simply reflects the main differences between the coverages of the multiple companies.

Calculadora Seguros de Automovil
The result of the comparison would be similar to the screenshot on the left, where the stars represent the result of our policy valuation system, which summarizes the analysis of the following sections of each policy:

Travel assistance: in case of a problem with the car, such as a breakdown, the insurer offers assistance both to the vehicle (simple repairs, towing, …) and to the occupants of the same (transfer of the insured, sending a professional driver, …). The distance from which the assistance is provided is scored, if it includes a replacement vehicle in case the car is immobilized in the workshop and if it covers the loss of keys, lack of fuel and the puncture of a tire.

Theft Coverages: covers damage or loss of the insured car or parts thereof as a result of an illegitimate theft. The amounts for which each policy indemnifies are analyzed depending on the age of the vehicle, whether the car is covered in case of theft and whether accessories not specifically declared in the policy are included in the coverage.

Fire Coverages: establish compensation for damages that the insured vehicle may suffer as a result of fire, lightning or explosion. It is scored according to the compensation quantums established for each moment of the life of the car

Own damages: this section covers the damages suffered by the insured vehicle, regardless of the culprit of the same (e.g. if the culprit of the accident is the owner of the car). The aim is to compare motor insurance according to compensation in the event of an accident and whether undeclared accessories and luggage in the car at the time of the accident are also covered.

Others: this block includes legal defence coverage, protection against the withdrawal of the card as well as compensation in the event of death, permanent disability and the need for health care.

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