Pharmacy and Para-pharmacy Insurance

Technology has long since reached Spanish businesses and businesses. Shopping centers with WiFi connection, shops that create profiles on social networks to promote themselves or establishments that have introduced robotization. An example of this is pharmacies. In recent years, many of these establishments have robotized the dispensing of medicines. That is, they have replaced the old warehouses in which the seller had to enter to look for the prescription drug, by a robot that scans the prescription code and automatically, in just a few seconds, provides it to the clerk.

The introduction of this type of technology in pharmacies has been very positive in improving factors such as safety, since it has reduced the human error of the pharmacist when dispensing medicines. In addition, it has streamlined the sales process and has allowed to optimize the space of the warehouses. However, the maintenance of this type of machine is quite expensive and if an accident were to occur, the cost of repair would amount to astronomical figures.

For this reason, there are trade insurances specialized in pharmacies and parapharmacies that are responsible for covering the possible breakdowns of robots within the breakdown coverage of machinery. This warranty can also include other types of devices such as computers. In addition, these policies provide coverage in other specific claims such as refrigerated drugs and more general ones such as the guarantee of material damage or theft.

Refrigerated goods

In a pharmacy or parapharmacy there are certain medicines or products that have to be kept refrigerated for proper preservation. Therefore, a policy for commerce can cover the deterioration of medicines and goods in the event of a breakdown in the cold rooms or a power outage.

Cessation of activity

Trade policies usually have coverages that ensure a daily compensation in case the business is paralyzed by a claim covered by the guarantees of material damage and theft. In the case of pharmacies, it can cover the loss of profits if there is electrical damage covered by the policy, for example, and the drugs cannot be issued by electronic prescription.

Material damage

Property damage is usually one of the central guarantees of insurance for businesses. This coverage includes damages to the business caused by accidents such as fires, water damage or breakages. For example, with this coverage, some insurance companies are responsible for covering paper prescriptions that are damaged by a claim covered by the policy and that are pending to be charged to social security.


Theft is another of the main guarantees of a trade insurance. Depending on the conditions, it usually includes stealing content, such as medications and stealing prescriptions at the facility.

On the other hand, it also usually includes the theft of cash and checks, as well as the assets of the insured, employees and customers in the premises that can be mugged.


Liability (CR) is a common coverage in commercial insurance. The most common CR is exploitation, which protects third parties from damage to third parties that may be caused by the employer or employees of the business while performing their work. In a business such as a pharmacy or parapharmacy in which medicines and products such as cosmetics are dispensed, the Product Liability is usually contracted, which covers personal or material damages whenever they have their origin in the sale or supply of a product.

On the other hand, locative civil liability is a coverage that covers the entrepreneur if he is not the owner of the premises. This guarantee covers you as a lessor against damages that may be caused to the owner’s premises. For example, if an explosion occurs. Employer liability protects the business owner in the event that his workers are injured or die as a result of an accident at work.

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