Insurance for empty premises

With the economic crisis some commercial premises at street level were completely empty. If you have a place without activity, you should know that although the law does not require insurance, it is highly recommended to hire one. Because if by chance a pipe breaks and a flood occurs that affects the neighboring shops, the civil liability would fall on the owner of the premises, who would have to face the economic damage caused to third parties. In addition, in case they entered to steal, the content would be totally unprotected, since there would be no insurance that covered all the belongings that are stored in the premises. For these reasons, it is common for some people to make the decision to take out for premises that protects the empty space.

What coverages do they include?

Commerce’s insurance coverages vary depending on the company, the place you want to insure and where you are. When it comes to protecting the bass, these are the most common coverages:


One of the most important coverages of this insurance is the Civil Liability, which is responsible for covering the damage to third parties. This guarantee also covers accidents that may occur inside the premises. In addition, it may include other types of services such as criminal defense or the payment of bonds.

Material damage

A fire, lightning strikes, an explosion from gas, a flood… if any of these accidents occur, the insurance would be responsible for covering all the damages that are caused in the premises and in the contents (all those belongings that you keep in the ground floor) as long as you have it insured. In addition, damage caused by water such as corrosion of pipes or breakdowns can also be covered in certain policies and even electrical damage that may occur. On the other hand, policies also usually include coverages that cover the costs of clearing after an accident.

Robbery and theft

Empty offices or shops can be very susceptible to theft. Therefore, if you keep valuable content inside it is advisable that you insure it against possible thefts and thefts. In this way, if the thieves boarded the premises and stole your belongings, the insurer would give you compensation for the stolen items. Other guarantees such as the replacement of keys for theft can also be included within this coverage.


Insurance companies usually exclude from the insurance those properties that are in a state of abandonment, uninhabited continuously or in poor maintenance. Therefore, when it comes to securing the empty premises you must commit to having the goods in perfect condition of use and conservation, since in case it was not so and an accident occurred, the insurer could refuse to cover you.

Compares empty premises insurance

There are several insurance companies that offer commercial insurance for empty premises. Therefore, before taking out a policy it is advisable that you compare its coverages among the wide variety of insurance offered by the market.

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