How to secure vending machines

There are vending machines that sell products of all kinds. From the typical ones that offer soft drinks, sandwiches or treats to the most curious ones that sell gold bars in Dubai, cupcakes and caviar in the USA. USA or ties in Japan. Nowadays vending machines serve to sell anything and are very useful if you have an urgency or do not have much time in your day to day, since they normally work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At first you might think that they are a modern invention, however, their origin dates back to antiquity. The first machine on record was used to dispense holy water in the temples of ancient Egypt. The artifact, which was invented by Heron of Alexandria, worked with coins that were introduced and activated an inner mechanism that served water.

However, it was not until the sixties when they began to become popular throughout the world for selling coffee glasses. So much has spread this type of devices, that according to figures from the Association of Vending Suppliers of Spain, there are more than 300,000 machines in Spain.

If you are thinking of putting a vending machine in your company or want to start your own business, you should know that these machines may need, depending on where they are installed, a Civil Liability (RC) insurance to be able to work, which covers the possible damages that may be generated to third parties.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers any damage that vending machines or their employees may cause to third parties. For example, if the machine is short-circuited and sets fire to a premises, the insurance would cover the accident. In certain cases, CR may be mandatory and required by customers or those responsible for the premises in which it is installed.

This type of policy usually covers risks such as fire, explosion or water damage. In addition, depending on the insurer, coverages such as the storage or transport of the goods and the loading and unloading of the contents of the machine may be included.

On the other hand, within the CR can also include risks such as damage that may produce the products sold by the vending machine to third parties. For example, if you sell a bad sandwich and you get gastroenteritis to a customer. However, it may be that in order for the insurance to cover you, it requires that the defect suffered by the product has been caused in the process of manufacture, storage, labeling and labeling of the product and not due to inadequate preservation inside the machine.

Multi-risk insurance

In addition to the RC policy, some vending business owners decide to insure the machines with multi-risk trade insurance, which includes various coverages such as theft or damage. Not all are the same, since they depend on the insurer, but they usually coincide in certain usual coverages.

Coverage of material damage

This type of policies can be very useful, especially in shops open 24 hours, since if you have contracted the damage guarantee, the insurance can cover the damages that the machines may suffer due to acts of vandalism. In addition, this coverage could also protect you in the event of a fire or flooding of the premises. This type of claims can have a very high repair cost, so contracting the policy with this type of coverage can be very beneficial for the owner. In addition, the policy you have contracted may include compensation for the economic losses you may suffer if the daily activity of the business had to be paralyzed.

Theft coverage

On the other hand, insurance can also incorporate coverages for theft. In the event that cash amounts are stolen or products are stolen, the insurance company would be responsible for compensating the insured for the damage caused to him.

Damage to machinery

The policy that is contracted may also have included a coverage of the machinery that guarantees the insured an economic compensation for internal damages. At this point, it should be borne in mind that they are usually expensive appliances, and that a repair can involve a large outlay of money. Therefore, covering damage to machinery can be very useful.

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