How are vehicle fleets secured?

There are professionals who need a vehicle to carry out their work. Therefore, many companies and organizations provide their employees with company cars or have their own vehicles so that workers can carry out their functions. In case the cars owned by the company exceed a certain number, which is usually 10 units, they are called fleet. It includes passenger cars, trucks and commercial vehicles such as vans or motorcycles.

Special insurance for fleets

Companies that have several cars usually have contracted a Fleet Insurance. This type of policy allows you to obtain lower prices than traditional Car insurance. Apart from the main coverages included in the individual policies, this insurance has other benefits such as the possibility of including different types of vehicles in the same policy.

Although the price of fleet insurance is calculated on an individual basis and its coverages vary from company to company depending on the premium and needs of the company, it has some common coverages.

Basic Coverages

Within the basic coverages of an insurance for fleets are the sameas in the car insurance, such as those of Compulsory and Voluntary Civil Liability. These guarantees allow to cover the drivers of the company against the damages that they may cause to third parties.

In addition, they include other services such as basic roadside assistance and criminal defense, claiming damages or managing fines before the possibility of participating in an administrative or judicial process for a traffic accident.

Complementary Coverages

In fleet insurance there are certain complementary coverages that insurance companies usually offer. In addition to those included in car insurance such as travel assistance, own damage, moons, theft or fire, insurers can also offer:

Civil Liability of the Cargo

Many of the companies that have fleets of vehicles are dedicated to transporting products or materials. For this reason, fleet insurance can include guarantees that cover damages caused in the transport of the loading and unloading of goods.

Compensation for temporary disability

In the event that the company worker has an accident with one of the cars that make up the fleet, there are coverages that are responsible for financially compensating the driver in case of suffering temporary injuries that prevent him from exercising his duties.

Withdrawal of the card

If the driver’s license is withdrawn for committing a traffic infraction, Fleet Insurance allows you to contract a coverage that guarantees economic losses in case the driver is left without a driver’s license.


Fleet insurance also allows you to contract a coverage that guarantees financial compensation if the worker does not return the vehicle to the owner.

Insurance included in the renting

Not all companies that need vehicles for the development of their functions can afford a fleet of cars. According to the DBK Sectoral Observatory, renting is the preferred modality for large Spanish companies for their vehicle fleets. Data indicate that car rental accounts for 93% of the total fleet of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, while only 7% remains owned.

What is renting?

Renting is a type of contract that the user signs with a specialized company to rent one or more cars for a certain time. The lease usually lasts between 36 and 48 months for which a fixed monthly amount of money is paid, depending on the model chosen, the mileage that will be made and the services that the vehicle will carry out.

Once the rental period of the vehicles ends, customers can return the vehicle to the rental company, deliver the car and sign a new agreement to receive in return a brand new vehicle or agree to the purchase of the vehicle.

What does renting for fleets include?

Renting for fleets can be included in the price services such as full risk insurance,vehicle maintenance, workshop reviews, management of fines or payment of taxes. In addition, some rental companies can even manage and administer fleets. In short, it is a rental in which the company is only limited to using the car and paying a fee per month for it, which prevents you from paying maintenance.

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