Full Auto Insurance Coverage

Before taking out auto insurance it is important that you are informed.
Auto insurance is a contract through which the insured delegates to an Insurance Company the risks of a possible accident of their car. This transfer is made in exchange for the payment of a premium (amount in money) by the insured.

By having an auto insurance, the Company is the one who assumes the expenses that imply the accident. Having contracted insurance allows you to save time and avoid paying the high costs associated with an event of these characteristics.

Here we have a wide range of insurances that fit your needs and will give you the level of protection you are looking for. In this section you will find all the information about our Full Automotive Insurance Coverage.

What is Full Auto Insurance Coverage?

Full Auto Insurance Coverage is the most complete insurance and at the most convenient price. It protects you against any accident, theft, damage or problem that your car and those who drive it may suffer.

Specifically, the coverages that this insurance gives you are:

Daños Propios

Own Damages

It is responsible for the damages that the vehicle may suffer, whether these are the responsibility of the insured himself or of a third party.

Pérdida Total

Total Loss

It is liable for theft or damage in excess of what is established in the contract and that deserves compensation.

responsabilidad Civil


Auto insurance is responsible for covering the costs of damage to third parties, whether material or to people, caused by the insured vehicle.

Get incredible benefits with your auto insurance!

  • Smart deductible: if you crash and the fault is with an identified third party you do not pay the deductible of your insurance if you have it.
  • Police record not mandatory in certain cases without third parties involved:before breaking mirrors, scratches, forcing of sheet metal, breakage of windshield or spotlights it is not necessary that you make constancy in carabineros.
  • Service of stay and displacement: if your car is immobilized, we cover the stay in a hotel or we take you wherever you want.
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses: in case of accident we pay the associated medical expenses.
  • Advice: we provide you with consultations and legal guidance by telephone.
  • Processing of infractions: we help you with the processing of the payment and withdrawal of your driver’s license if you have infractions before the local police court.

And also assists!

Auto de Reemplazo

Replacement Car

In case of accident, we replace your car while it is in the workshop. This service lasts for 45 days.

Grúa Emergencia

Emergency Crane

When your car is immobilized, we go where you are and take the car where you tell us. (cap 12 UF)

Conductor de Reemplazo

Replacement Driver

So you don’t worry about passing the keys. We offer you 6 free services a year and attention 24 hours a day

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