The 19 Best Tips for Successful Distance Relationship

Too many people still think that a long-term relationship cannot work.

As a result, when faced with such a situation, we often find ourselves isolated in our approach: our family or friends may discourage us from continuing or advise us not to get too emotionally involved so as not to come out with a broken heart.

It is obvious that this is far from being something easy. I can guarantee you this after more than three years of remote relationship.

The miles between lovers make many everyday things much more complicated. And if you can’t accept the nature of the relationship, it causes a lot of sadness and loneliness.

But not everything is black either. This geographical distance makes it possible to better appreciate the interactions one can have with one’s partner. We cherish these little things that allow us to continue to live a real life as a couple despite the kilometers.

In order to help you live this ordeal to the best of your ability, I have prepared in this article a list of 19 of the best tips you can find to succeed in a long-distance relationship.


1. See this as an opportunity

A long-distance relationship is a huge opportunity to get to know you better and get to know your partner better. This is a test for both your couple, your partner and you.

But you still have to realize thata long-distance relationship brings you closer than it separates you.

Because if you can put a happy end to this experience, then you will come out stronger and more united than ever before. Believe me.

2. Establish common rules

You both need to be extremely clear about what you expect from each other in their remote relationships.

Set basic rules as soon as possible that no one should break so as not to have any nasty surprises.

For example, is this romantic relationship exclusive? Is it OK to date people of the opposite s3x? It’s best that you’re both on the same page before you go any further.

3. Trust your partner

Being away from the person you love can lead us to feel insecure at times. Despite our love, we may have doubts.

The truth is that at this point you had two options: you can either constantly doubt your partner, because in any case you can never be sure of anything, or you can totally trust him and live a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

Unless your partner has given you a good reason not to trust him, opt for the second option and trust him 100%.


4. Communicate regularly and intelligently

In addition to saying “hello” and “good night” to your partner every day, you need to keep your partner informed of what’s going on in your life, even though some things may seem pretty superficial.

Don’t hesitate to get creative to capture your partner’s attention by sharing images, messages a lot or short videos from time to time.

By multiplying her efforts, you will show the other person that she is loved and important.

5. Be careful not to over-communicate

Despite the distance, you don’t need to argue 15 hours a day for your relationship to move forward.

Live your life, let your partner breathe by putting aside your possible possessiveness. Contrary to what one might think, you don’t need that much to compensate for the physical absence by more communication.

That is not how it works. Otherwise, quickly you will lose patience. Communicate frequently, but rather than base everything on it, bring a little variety in your interactions (activities, gifts, appointments, etc.).

6. Don’t neglect s3xual desire in your relationship

S3xual desire is by far one of the most important aspects of any couple. Often, sexuality in the couple is a reflection of the couple’s health.

However, it is not only called “physical” s3x, since despite the distance you can also take care of the s3xual desire partner on a more emotional level.

7. Don’t take unnecessary risks

When you know you’re going to do something “ridiculous” for your couple, such as going out with your friends in the evening to go drinking and dancing, then you should either not do it or inform your partner to reassure them.

Don’t be insensitive about this, because your partner will either be suspicious or extremely worried about you. For him/her, you put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation for your couple and where he/she has no control.

So be aware of the potential “danger” watching you and stay tuned to your partner’s objections.

8. Do activities together

Watch a documentary or movie together, sing together, play an online video game, shop together, cook and eat together, etc.

The only limit is your imagination. If you don’t know what to do, just ask yourself what you would do now if your partner was with you.

Chances are you can do it in some way despite the distance.

9. Share your hobbies

Recommend books, shows, movies, artists and sites you love!

In this way, by reading, listening and looking at the same works and content, you will have many more topics of discussion to discuss together during each of your exchanges.

It’s a great way to share common experiences while you’re physically away from each other.

“12 Tips for Your Remote Love Relationship.”

10. Find yourself as often as possible

The reunion is certainly the best moment of a long-distance relationship.

After weeks or even months of waiting, you finally have the opportunity to see each other again and enjoy all the little things that “normal” couples forget to enjoy: kissing her, holding her hand, etc.

These are crucial moments to recharge your couple’s batteries and leave over several weeks or months of remote relationship, so take every chance you have to see your partner again.

11. Have a goal in mind

How long are you going to stay in a long relationship? What do you want to do next? How are you going to accomplish that?

Here are some questions you should answer together. The truth is that no couple can stay in a long relationship forever. Sooner or later we will have to go ahead and live together, otherwise it will become unlivable to continue like this.

Therefore, have a specific plan for that. What’s your goal? What are the different steps? You must each have this in mind if you ever want to end this relationship from a distance.

12. Enjoy your relationship from a distance

Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you have to moan and lock yourself in your house.

It’s not all about your partner and your relationship from a distance. You always have your family, your friends, your own goals and passions.

Take time to do more things with the people you love, discover new activities or move on to your dreams. Many things don’t depend on your relationship from a distance, so take advantage of being alone to do what you want.

13. Be honest with each other

Talk regularly with your partner about your fears, insecurities, jealousy, doubts, etc.

If you are trying to hide anything, then this secret will resurface later and not necessarily in a very pleasant way.

Don’t try to face it all for yourself. Be open and honest in your relationship. Let your partner help and support you if you need it. It’s better to talk about it too soon than too late.

14. Learn to control your jealousy

It is not uncommon in a long-term romantic relationship to experience from time to time jealousy for people of the same s3x as you with whom your partner is led to interact.

Unfortunately an uncontrolled jealousy combining both possessiveness, insecurity, anger and doubts can give an explosive mix to your relationship.

If you sometimes feel this way, learn how to control your jealousy before it controls you. It is not an easy thing, but it is something that is possible.

15. Swap your agendas

In a remote relationship, it’s extremely interesting to know your partner’s agenda in order to know when he/she is busy and free.

This way, you know when you can send her a message or call her, rather than bothering her at the wrong time (course, exam, work, meeting, etc.).

Also, try to find out what small and large events are out of the ordinary in your upcoming schedule (travel, exams, interviews, activities, etc.). This is especially important to know if you live in different time zones.

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16. Give him a special gift

Whether it’s a pendant, a ring, a perfume or a stuffed animal, nothing beats a personal gift that your partner can keep close to you to remember you.

In short, choose something strong and personal enough to make your partner feel alone in his company.

17. Be optimistic

The fact is that in such a situation you have no choice if you want to succeed in your relationship from a distance than to be optimistic.

It’s obvious that the wait is going to be painful and that you will often feel loneliness, but you need to remember that if you do all this it is because the fruit of this adventure will really want it.

Show gratitude to your partner. Show gratitude on a daily basis for this relationship and for this love that are so precious.

18. Talk to each other about your families and friends

Despite the distance, your goal is to be part of the same family and share the same daily life.

This means you can start today by exchanging more about the people who fill your daily life, like your friends and family members.

In this way, you will get to know more about the people who are dear to your vice versa partner. In short, you will gradually construct an expanded definition of what your “family” and “daily” are.

19. Skype as much as possible

In terms of remote communication, nothing today surpasses the ability to communicate with your partner using video.

You need to see your partner and your partner needs to see you on a daily basis, so install programs on your computer and mobile phone to exchange by video call for free, and then make it a habit.

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