[Fully Funded] Fulbright Foreign Student Program in USA For International Students


The U.S. Fulbright Scholarship Program 2020-2021 provides approximately 470 research, teaching or mixed research/teaching awards in around 125 countries across the world. The deadline to apply for U.S. Fullbright Scholar Program 2020-2021 is September 16, 2019. Fully funded U.S. Fullbright scholarship opportunities are available for college/university faculty/administration including professionals, scientists, lawyers, journalists, artists, independent scholars, deserving talented students etcetera.

Fulbright is an international educational student/faculty exchange program offered by the U.S. Department of State Bureau. The Fullbright Scholar program is sponsored by the government of the U.S. and aims at increasing understanding between the U.S. residents and the individuals of various other countries.

Application Deadline: September 16, 2019.
To be taken at (country):  USA
Host U.S. Department of State Bureau
Type: Undergraduates, Masters, PhD
Number of Scholarship Not specified
Eligible Countries International Students

Eligible Field of Study

  • All fields of study.

Value/Benefits And Duration

  • Benefits of the Fullbright scholar program vary by the type of award/grant
  • Benefits of the Fullbright grants/awards vary by country
  • Usually, the Fullbright scholarship program cover the expenses of travel/residence

Eligibility requirements

  • Degree Requirements: Fulbright Scholar program candidate must read the descriptions available on websites of universities where a specific Ph.D. degree or equivalent professional degree such as a Master’s degree is required.
  • Early Career & Post-doctoral Candidates: Such candidates are required to apply for a Fulbright Scholar program only if they’ll be able to complete the requirements of their degree by the 1 of February. If not, they’re required to address the expected date of the completion of their degree.
  • Teaching Experience: All relevant Fulbright Scholars programs are available at the post-secondary level; however, they may vary by discipline requirements or experience.
  • Language Requirements: Usually, English is considered sufficient for the purpose of teaching. However, command over foreign languages may be required depending upon the type of country, grant or the nature of the project such as research or teaching activities.

For more information on Criteria, Program Policy, How to Apply and Program benefits, visit the official Scholarship webpage


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