2019 Australian Embassy Scholarship. Fully Funded Scholarships for Bachelor, Masters and PhD degrees.

This may be a great opportunity for you or anyone you know.

A fully funded scholarship is being offered by the Australian Embassy for both undergraduate programs and post graduate programs.

Certificates obtained from Australia are one of the most sought after world over.

Course Level: Interested applicants can apply for undergraduate programs, and post graduate programs. (MBA and PhD included)


Forward your application to the under listed universities.

1. University of Western Australia
2. Bond University
3. Macquarie University
4. University of New South Wales
5. University of Sydney
6. University of Melbourne
7. Monash University
8. Australian National University
9. University of Queensland
10. University of Adelaide

Requirements: Aspirants must have proved to be exceptional in previous academic

Successful applicants will enjoy the following;
1. Cost free travel VISA
2. Travel allowance
3. Weekly allowance.
4. Free tuition
5. Family allowance (if married)
6. Free health insurance

Eligible countries:
This scholarship is open for applicants from all countries.

Sponsor: This is a fully funded scholarship by the Australia Embassy.

Addendum: Be it known that application should be made online and is available in this platform. Select your program and upload the needed documents for the program.
Forward any question through the email you submitted during your application.

Application Guidelines:
1. Fill up the online application which is available in this platform.
2. Upload your transcript
3. Write a purpose statement which should indicate your interest, objective and qualifications.
4. Be sure you’ve provided all the required documents.
5. Submit the completed online form.


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