11 Ways To Tell If Your Partner Loves You More Than They Loved Their Ex. No 8 Must Be Noted!!!

1. They’ve Introduced You To Their Family

The best thing to do, when trying to ascertain whether or not your relationship is healthy, is to look for signs that your partner is mixing their life with yours. And that often starts with meeting the family.

“If your [partner] brings you around the people most important to them, they probably love you more than they loved their ex,” marriage and family therapist Racine R. Henry, PhD, LMFT, tells Bustle. Or, at the very least, it’s a sign they’re happy with you and can see a future.

You can, however, gauge whether or not this is a special occasion, either by asking outright or seeing how their family reacts to your visit. “You will be able to tell by how the family and friends respond to you that being introduced is a rare occurrence,” Henry says.

While it’s OK if you’re not the first person your partner has ever brought home, it should feel good to know that they’re comfortable and happy with you, and likely see a future for the relationship.

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